VMs with ultrafast local NVMe storage - HMD on WEkEO Elasticity


We are regularly expanding our portfolio of available types for virtual machines. This time we introduce new configurations with ultra-fast, local, NVMe storage - HMD.

This family of VM offers next level disc performance for VMs with was previously available only in DS configurations (Dedicated server virtual machines).

The new configurations with local storage offers more than 10x better IOPS performance and 10x lower write and read times comparing to the previously available virtual machines. We decided for the new configurations to keep the CPU to RAM ratio aligned with HM line.

HMDs are designed for such applications as:

  • data processing requiring fast local cache,

  • control nodes for Kubernetes clusters with fast storage for etcd,

  • very fast data entry, handling of events from IoT devices,

  • very fast saving of calculation results,

  • hosting nonrelational databases.

While the input and output files are valuable assets and are typically stored as S3 objects very fast location designed for saving of logs, intermediate files storage, partial data files or even small chunks of results on hi performance storage can significantly improve processing time and optimize the use of infrastructure.

The new storage is the first ephemeral storage in our offer, its use is subject to several limitations such as lack of shelving or being limited to only one disc per VM.

You can order servers in the Pay-per-use model through the openstack API or Horizon or in long contracts through our e-commerce system. Cloud resources prices, in particular storage prices, are available in our price-list.

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