How to access EODATA from your own infrastructure on WEkEO Elasticity

Vast and Fast access to Earth Observation satellite data from your own infrastructure


All those who manage projects based on Earth Observation satellite data know what bandwidth is required and how much space is needed to maintain and transmit this data. Downloading data from publicly available repositories often involves long lead times due to limited bandwidth and queues.

What if you do not have cloud resources on the CREODIAS platform ? Or you have your own IT infrastructure and the solution of free download of zipped data from Data Explorer is not enough? Then CloudFerro, CREODIAS operator, has prepared an additional service for you that grants an unlimited external access to CREODIAS EODATA (Copernicus satellite data and more).

Remote transfer without downloading data

The remote transfer for EODATA service enables connecting with CREODIAS repository from an external infrastructure via S3 protocol. This connectivity allows users to attach the data directly to processing and workflow located on their own cloud environment without having to download the data beforehand.

On the other hand, users can also locate and download individual products, parts such as granules and metadata, and even access parts of a single data file, which may be useful for applications such as an isolated tiles extraction (e.g. Sentinel-1 or Sentinel-2 data).


Thanks to this solution, users can take advantage of multiple 10GE of CloudFerro Cloud bandwidth without worrying about limitations or queues.

Any user who wish to connect with the CREODIAS collection from an external infrastructure can do so with the CloudFerro’s solution, which uses the S3 protocol. The solution is so simple that it reduces to the maximum the time needed to configure the access to satellite data and thus allows to fully exploit the potential of own infrastructure and quickly download earth observation data into it.

In order to simplify billing for the service, the user is billed €37 for every 1TB of data transferred. Data consumption is billed once a month.

For quotes and access to our solution, contact our sales department at

Please note that access to Copernicus data is always open and free for everybody. The additional service regards external data transfers to remote customer locations. Within the CREODIAS cloud, users can use the data for free and also anybody can download satellites products via our Data Explorer tool.